Golden Days Foundation

Golden Days is the foundation for the elderly in the Netherlands. In our approach, we are active in the grass roots of the community and thanks to this local focus we are tuned to the needs of the elderly. We activate local networks, volunteers, organizations, businesses and donors, for thousands of activities for lonely and frail elderly.

Our mission

  • To combat the growing loneliness amongst the elderly, especially those that live independently in their own homes.
  • To improve the quality of life of frail elderly.
The number of elderly people who are living independently increases. They are at risk of isolation and loneliness.

Our unique selling point

We are the organisation with the largest formal and informal elderly related networks in the Netherlands. For this reason, Golden Days is the organisation that can reach a great number of elderly from different backgrounds and in different situations.

This makes Golden Days a very suitable organisation to:

  • address the needs of the elderly
  • develop services and products with
  • involve the elderly in testing innovations

How we reach elderly people

Through our network of existing infrastructures:

  • The 2.400 residential homes (who also deliver home care and services)
  • 7.000 community centres
  • The 420.000 volunteers that are active for these organisations.

Through these organizations and many volunteers, Golden Days offers a demand-oriented range of welfare activities that have proven to be popular among the elderly. Once an elderly person has participated in one of our activities, we are able to re-invite them on a regular basis for the activities in which they are most interested in.

Means to prevent loneliness

To combat and prevent loneliness is quite difficult, especially when an elderly person experiences multiple obstacles in getting out of his or her own home. We therefore use scientifically proven methods in our approach to reach elderly and to keep them involved, such as:

  • Stimulating the beginning of meaningful contacts between a person and a lonely elderly.
    We therefore try to create a network of people reaching out to them, making personal contact possible.
  • To activate lonely elderly into voluntary activities.
    We therefore try to motivate the elderly to take up voluntary Golden Days activities. This gives the elderly more meaning and structure in their life and brings them into contact with other people.
We play an intermediary role between the many providers of welfare and social activities and the elderly. We therefore bridge the gap between organisations with useful products and services for the elderly.

Get in touch

Do you wish to know more about the Golden Days Foundation or are you interested in a partnership or cooperation, please do not hesitate contacting us.

Liesbeth Gaasbeek, Director P: +31 30 633 14 98 or E:

Sandra Wolfsen, General Manager P: +31 30 633 14 98 or E:

Soestdijkseweg Zuid 217, 3721 AD,Bilthoven, The Netherlands
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